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The first step in selling your property is establishing a well-researched valuation and designing a marketing strategy.  Marketing serves as the first introduction of your property to potential buyers; this includes exposure of your property to buyers and real estate professionals.  Every property is different in the demographic of buyers that it targets, thus our approach to the marketing of your property is uniquely shaped to your property as well as your needs relative to financial goals and timing.

Curious to know the value of your property?  Looking to understand what upgrades will provide you a return on your investment?  Put our team’s knowledge for property valuation to work for you.  Determination of a real estate value relies on market insights, data and experience.  Even if you are not currently in the market to sell, we believe that knowledge is power!

Why should you work with us to list your property?

Your goals are our goals:  Our viewpoint goes beyond just a sale but rather how the sale of this property fits in line with where you go next and what you are looking to accomplish.
Our industry contacts and relationships:  The majority of real estate transactions take place with one agent representing the seller and another agent representing the buyer.  Simply put, other agents love working with us, which works to your benefit!
Experience:  Our years of experience mean that we have virtually seen it all.  Last minute repairs?  Moving coordination?  We are here to help you through it all, we are more than just agents, we are confidants and friends throughout the process.

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